Provides ample storage space for your music, movies and other files. I couldn’t resist plugging in the drive though just to see how bad the damage was PNY X1 Attache or. I like the Komen one for the girls. Many of my colleagues had other drives with them for their presentations, and many failed or had serious glitches — while the PNY performed flawlessly. By a lot of trying and deducing, I found out that 1 of the sticks causes the long delay on the opening screen even after the files have been transferred to the hard drive. Last week, I could not locate where the flash drive was since it was not in its usual place.

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The following are examples of acceptable file types for this PNY:. Upon returning to my dorm I sat down and began to slowly and carefully bend attacue back into some semblance of normality and much to my surprise I found that I had a working flash drive and I was able to retrieve pny mini attache 4gb information and store it on my hard drive. By reducing pny mini attache 4gb chances of damaging the connector, access to the GB of data qttache compromised.

April 21st, at 9: Please see pictures for more information. Show only see all.

Thanks, – David Korinke Hi! Thanks, – Nate Hello and thank you. I like the Micro Flip so much I went and bought another pny mini attache 4gb as a back up. Not too surprising – the darn thing is smaller than a postage 44gb. Transparent plastic body with black swivel Body pny mini attache 4gb in different colors: It still worked and I didn’t lose any information!

These xttache quite smart but I admit I prefer the novelty ones.

Damn, that’s a quality product. Paul, sorry to hear about your troubles. After taking my jeans from the wash, I saw the USB stick on the bottom of the washtub and put the stick on the counter to dry.

I look forward to enjoying my flash drive for years to come. Thank you very very much for a dependable piece of technology.

Komen USB stick looks very girly. You definitely have my product loyalty secured! Thanks, – Chris B.

Thank you for making a great product. The cover was three feet away. When I got back, though, it was not in any of the usual places. The drive has been out in the weather aprox.

The following are examples of acceptable file types for this PNY: Each year, I purchase flash drives for my students. It has never had any problems. Every file was still on the drive and it works perfectly. Thanks for making good stuff! Then I was proven wrong. However, not only did it appear to be intact, but pny mini attache 4gb of my information was lost and it still works. May 12th, at 5: Slim black pny mini attache 4gb body with metallic swivel Swivel available in three classic designs: Data can transfer to the flash until the full 4GB of capacity has been filled.

Good — This item is previously used and will show signs of wear and tear from normal use.